Why use IAXX services?

With IAXX, your business finally has the right tools

Solutions built with the field to support the business needs of your employees. IAXX™ helps them plan, secure operations, save time to focus on real business value-added tasks.

Business processes and ergonomics (UX/UI) are designed to facilitate daily business gestures and help the user. Alert and proposal systems allow you to get to the point and gain in efficiency. All this with a minimum of configuration for a rapidly operational solution.

Augmented and controlled data

More and more data, more and more systems, less and less time. Augmented Data, the heart of IAXX solutions, allows the control and compilation of all your data to build a base of reliable, relevant and easy to follow indicators over time.

All calculations are made starting from the finest level (> 50 million SKUs for some facilities) in order to provide decision support as close as possible to the reality on the ground.

Updated data chart, flow supervision screens, content visualization are all tools made available to the Customer
with the objective of a level and quality data.

IAXX services are available by subscription, in Saas mode (French, hosted by TELAMON). The customer benefits from a durable system adapted to his environment, reliable, robust, confidential and secure.


TELAMON relies on its expertise and its tools to process the integration of customer information in a very short timewhile consuming a minimum of resources, especially on the Client side.

IAXX is the result of intensive R&D on :

- Interfacing with the various ERP and computer systems of the
market (Bus_Data™ technology)

- Specialized distribution and materials trading.

All IAXX features are provided as standard.
This standard is designed and built on listening to the needs of all customers.

IAXX projects don't stop at integration and production.

You are accompanied in a perennial way in the evolution and the achievement of your always more ambitious objectives.

Set and measured together, they guide TELAMON in the continuous optimization of the use of IAXX.

Regular reviews make it possible to define the adjustments to be made (parameterizations) or the evolutions to be considered.

The quality and loyalty of our customers are proof of this.

An approach
different, very