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Why use iaxxTM services ?

To meet the demands and the increasing competitiveness of Distribution, with exploding information volumes, iaxxTM helps you to manage the challenges of planning and pilot Purchasing, Offers and Supply Chain.

iaxxTM services bring you a business experience and a unique power to digitalise and optimise your operations:

  • Define your assortments / stock plan;
  • Negotiate and manage your supplier contracts;
  • Supply your stores and platforms
  • ...

Fast: It only takes a few months to become operational.
Sure: 100% of all integrations achieve their objectives.
Well accepted: Users enjoy assistance and support.
ROI exceptional, demonstrated by our customers loyalty, year after year.

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In iaxxTM, calculations are performed at the most granular level every night so that users have the most up-to-date data available.

They talk about us

« To always better satisfy our customers, we want to improve self-service and halve the rupture rate. We want to lean on iaxxTM to achieve these new goals »

Thomas I. - Managing Director - Imbert

« We had a great year in 2017, with new projects and new customers. iaxxTM allows us to maintain this dynamic, optimising our supplies. The latest version, implemented in June...

Nicolas C. - Head of IT - Gedimat Farel

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The latest news

#16 - The real place of forecasting

Distributors regularly introduce new products, deploy promotions and open new outlets in varying formats, when it is not faced with erratic sales... And trade has never been more volatile, uncertain and complex.
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#16 - Deploy new formats

Distributors are increasing possible outlet formats to get closer and closer to consumers: a variation of the Urban Development Zone (UDZ) concept in the city center, corner shop, pop-up store...
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#16 - Telamon supports BigMat at BigMarket

The BigMarkets are the annual business meetings between industrial-manufacturers and the independent trading companies of the BigMat Group. Taking place in Mâcon and Poitiers in February, these exhibitions have strengthened their trade relations and cemented business on preferential terms (65 million euros of orders for the 2018 edition - source...
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#15 - ChaussExpo optimizes its stocks with iaxxTM

The Desmazières group (ChaussExpo brand) had its continuity plan accepted by the Lille Commercial Court on 4 February 2019, after numerous projects carried out by its teams, under the management of a firm specializing in “retournement Prosphères”.
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#15 - Adapting to events

The continually changing movements of last November and December have impacted the operating costs of distributors. In specialised distribution, year-end inventories are high, and 2019 budgets must be "cut" to preserve cash flow.
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#15 - The “just-in-time” of large imports

With delays of up to several weeks or even months for large imports, it is difficult for the supplier to imagine ordering "at the last minute" without degrading the service rate of the platform.
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